The History of Kyiv Watch Factory

Assembly plant


In 1997, Kyiv Watch Factory was founded and the first watch was made. This watch commemorates the flight into space of the first Ukrainian cosmonaut, Leonid Kadeniuk.

Kleynod watch


In November 2002, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the factory launched the production of wristwatches under the Ukrainian trademark KLEYNOD, which are made based on its own arty-crafty, design and process developments and are assembled on original Swiss movements only.

As early as next year, the portfolio of the factory products included around 25 items, over 60 items in 2005, and over 100 items in 2007.

Men's watch K 20-506


In 2006, special series known as Kleynod Independence wristwatches were developed, which were dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine. The motif of the watch design was the smaller national coat of arms of Ukraine – the glorious Ukrainian trident.

Watch known as From the President of Ukraine


In 2007, on a personal commission from the Presidential Protocol Office of Ukraine, exclusive model of the watch known as From the President of Ukraine was developed, which the factory has been producing on demand of the Presidential Office for 16 years.

Men's watch KCH-2012


The football watch collection was developed in 2012 in honour of the EURO 2012 Championship in Ukraine.

It includes two limited series: classic Kleynod Forward and Kleynod Champion chronographs.

Ladie's watch K 135-603


In 2015, Kleynod released a bright and unique Vyshyvanka collection, in the design of which elements of the Ukrainian folk costume were used.

The details of each model are not extemporaneous and have their emphasis.

Men's watch К 25-506


In 2016, a new limited series of Kleynod Independence watches were developed and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine.

These series integrate advanced technology and unique design with motifs of the Ukrainian trident.

These models are Swiss made automatic watch movement in a classic round two-component case.

Men's watch KFS-810


In 2017, the Kleynod Forces collection was developed.

Inspired by the courage and bravery of Ukrainian servicemen, our team has developed series of military-style wristwatches based on Ronda Swiss quartz movement, the distinguishing feature of which is stainless steel cases, mineral glass, silicone strap, and steel buckle.

The dial marks and arrows have a unique luminescent coating.

The series are developed in two designs: minimalist design for connoisseurs of classics and national design with elements of the Ukrainian trident.

Men's watch АN-178/01


The Antonov Watches by Kleynod brand has been created.

A brand new wristwatch brand, as unique as its creators – Kyiv Watch Factory, the only manufacturer of Ukrainian Kleynod watches, and ANTONOV Company, a world-famous aircraft manufacturer.

In August 2019, the cooperation and exclusive partnership agreement was signed, and the brand was officially presented in September 2020.

The result of the collaboration is a unique series of watches dedicated to the unsurpassed Antonov aircrafts.

Ladie's watch K 25L-603


For the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, the watch collection "Kleynod's of Independense" has been updated.

Men’s watch AN-225 «Mriya», limited series 2001


Since 2019, the team of Kyiv Watch Factory has been working on implementing the MRIYA project in close cooperation with ANTONOV Company. The sale of the unique of AN-225 MRIYA watch collection was scheduled for April 2022. However, the war cruelly disrupted our plans, the unique aircraft was severely damaged during the attack of the Russian troops on the aerodrome in Hostomel, life seemed to have stopped and it seemed that our watches would no longer be needed.

It seemed so to everyone, but not to us, not to Ukrainians, not to Ukraine.

Dreams Do Not Die, and We Will Rebuild Our Aircraft. It is those very words that gave us the courage to stay strong and act.

Relying on the words in support of the idea from the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, cooperation with ANTONOV Company and having engaged the crew commander Dmytro Antonov into the project, the team of Kyiv Watch Factory resumed its business. Sales of the Mriya watches began in November 2022.

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